Trans Rights



Fifthteenth Day of Oktom, Lord's Year 472
Progress Report - Signan Frame Army - Operation "Lonely Spear"
Reporting: Commodore Arshano Faust, writing on behalf of Major Wyatt Jaga and the Third Experimental Division
Receiving: High Marshal Rodrogo Ashar, CC: Signan Frame Army Command (SFAC) Marshal Sigismund Lovelace, Marshal Command.

Transmission Details:

Hail, High Marshal Ashar

I am reporting to Upper Command of the Signan Frame Army (via 3rd Experimental Division) of the success of Operation "Lonely Spear", in both observation of the Adzeqal fighting techniques, and in the advancement of 3rd Experimental Division Petty Officer Alsania Calliad as a Frame Pilot…<

Seas of green grass fields, stalked by distant sawtooth mountains, travelled for miles and miles abound outside the windows. The occasional tree would lead to more forests, but as their homeland escaped behind them, such artefacts would become so rare as to be priceless. Major Wyatt Jaga rubbed his eyes - from the early morning, amongst other things - and when he looked out the window to chase the horizon again, he'd lost the trail he'd been following along the far-off spines.

Across from him in their lavishly wood-panelled train booth, his travelling companion took up the entire space of her cushions like a cat sprawled across its bed. She pawed lazily at the book she was reading, so heavy that if she were to drop it, it'd leave her with a black eye. Compared with Wyatt's own lanky frame, she was boxy and rigid, but inescapably small. Jaga had occasionally worried someone might accuse him of malnourishing her. The girl, no older than fourteen, sighed for maybe the fifth time in as many minutes.

"What's bothering you, Al?" Wyatt asked, really more interested in what was outside.

"What'd you think, old man? I'm losing my mind over here. And why'd you have to write such a bleedin' doorstopper anyways?" The girl sniped, flopping the book as it clattered on the floor. Their journey was maybe one-third complete, and already had they moved from electrocarriage to train car, and just as swift had his companion grown terribly, annoyingly bored. Wyatt reached down, lifting the tome with one hand.

"Because no one else had yet," he prompted, and Alsania rolled her eyes, one of her favourite responses. "And that'll be a sir from you whilst we're in the field, hm?"